There is a lot of framework out in the market and this is also very common that, everyone would clame their framework is the best! Despite of the debate lets take a moment to consider, whether our CANVAS framework is bundle of essential tools that you can merely ignore. The CANVAS framework is a forked version of popular framework T3 by JoomlArt! Themezart must thank to Joomlart for making such an amazing framework which was very closed to our plan for framework, even some time more! Therefore, we changed our mind to fork T3 instead of making a new framework. Lets not wast the time to look at the features

If you are serious about your website you must consider the site load time. In canvas framework themezart has introduced the option Optimization to compress your css and js files. Thus, you get a faster performing website.

For the modern website you do not need just some plane presentation. You need some more tools to make it more interactive and appealing. Joomla framework CANVAS provides the scope in its addons options. There are some third party library (holder.js, wow.js, animate.css), Off-canvas Sidebar, Module Positions Options to make a certain position either like (tab, slider, modal, pop up.. ) and many more.

The layout system is highly improvised. This is no longer a typical layout viewer, rather this is a complete layout builder. You can get any layout without writting even a single chracter of code. Make new section, change position location, add class to a certain position, add class to a section and many more. Do not miss to have a look on such a usefull tools.

Though theme magic is there to change the style but some time it may require write some code. You do not need to find or care what is primarily written. Just get to custom code tab and start writting whatever you need. CANVAS made it more than easy to mold your template.

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